On My Mission to Mexico

As many of you know from my Facebook or otherwise, a few weeks back I went on a short-term mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico with my college.

After having no WiFi or cell service during our trip, driving back into the US brought a deluge of photos, videos, and statues on social media from others in my group. I posted a few photos, but I didn't post any of my thoughts or anything specific. I honestly just couldn't find the words to say within the limits of a Facebook status, so I decided  to expound on my blog about my experience.

Going to Mexico was my first mission trip ever, and while I've been out of the US before, it was my first time witnessing extreme poverty or "poor" conditions in a different country.

It was a undoubtedly, without question, an incredible, crazy, and eye-opening experience that I am so blessed to have gone on. Anxieties, illness, and fear were nothing in comparison to the love, faith, and beauty that we experienced in Tijuana.

Holding the children, who couldn't contain their energy and joy, despite what they might have or witnessed in my past, reminded me that we are all called to be like innocent children in the Lord. Living with faith, and endless love, to jump for Jesus without a second thought--isn't that what all of us are called to do?

It wasn't just the children, either. The adults we met and prayed for were people who had gone through extreme hardship: drug addiction, broken families, alcoholism, financial destitution, illness, death. And yet, they had faith. Greater faith, it seemed, than I had even during my happiest days. They believed, with their entire souls, and minds, and hearts, and beings, that God would heal and bless. I was constantly amazed at the reception that the team got. We were never turned away for our nationality, or disregarded because we prayed in English instead of Spanish. The people we met in Mexico received us with open, willing hearts.

We were often told, by the people we visited, that our presence and prayers blessed them immensely, but in truth, they blessed and convicted me more than I ever could have expected. I know that this is a cliche post-mission statement, but it's so true.

As I write this, I am listening to the song "Scandal of Grace" by Hillsong United, which has become of one of my new favorites lately. The lyrics from it that strike me the most are "Oh, to be like you/Give all I have just to know you/Jesus there's no one besides you/Forever the hope in my heart". I can only hope that as I go through the rest of my college journey, that I can focus more on what God wants me to do with my life and worry less about what I want to do with my life.



(P.S. I am hoping to expand the subject and content of my blog articles, as well as post more frequently. If you have an suggestions or thoughts, comment below or shoot me an e-mail at foldsoffaith.gmail.com)


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