To a Girl

Hey, you.

I heard that you've been having some bad thoughts lately.

Nasty thoughts.

Thoughts about your body.

Thoughts that made you feel worthless.



I've heard that you think that you aren't enough.

Maybe you think your stomach is too round or your thighs are too big or your bra is too small or your hair is too thin or your face has too much acne or your feet are too big or your legs have too much hair or your skin is too pale.

Maybe you hate yourself. 

Maybe you wince when you look in the mirror.

Maybe you compare yourself to other girls.


And you can’t help yourself.

If only you had hair like Anna.

 Abs like Julie.

 Smooth skin like Kaylee.












He sees you.

If your soul is hollow.
If your heart is lost.
If your spirit feels lonely.
He sees you.

When the shirt is too baggy.
The foundation is too thick.
The straightener is too hot. 
He sees you.

When the ice cream has fat.
When the scale is your enemy.
When leaning over the toilet hurts your neck and knees.
He sees you.

When you fear Facebook pictures.
When summer means tears.
When you feel the whispers clawing at you.
He sees you.

Gripping sleeves past your wrist.
Hair to cover your cheeks.
Your jeans are too tight.

In the broken.
The dark.
The deep.
He sees you.

Every time.
He sees you.
In the incomprehensible.
He sees you.
In the abyss.
He sees you.
Beyond broken.
He sees you.
He sees you
He sees you.
He sees you.

Ephesians 2:10
We are His workmanship

I see you, my daughter.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Great job roomie, I love you!

  2. So raw and real. Very much needed too, thank you!

  3. I just love and adore your relationship with God. Thank you for this! It has touched my heart immensely.



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